Our program is all about giving opportunity to the potential.


A place to know who you are…

One of the challenges facing women coming from exploitation is a loss of identity. Our program is designed to help women understand their true identity and value rather than being defined by their experiences in “the life or game.” 



A place of Discovery…

Typically, women don’t realize the creative aspect of their personhood or it has been buried deep inside because of the abuse or exploitation they’ve experienced. We offer a chance for the discovery of their creativity in art, music, writing or spoken word.


“The safe house staff welcomed me with loving arms and a compassionate heart, helping me learn that good and healthy relationships are possible. Ultimately, the staff helped me begin discovering who I am, not only to myself but also to God, while overcoming my past traumas and turning them into victories.”
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A Place where you’re not alone.

Many women find value in our program by being in an environment where you are in a community of women who have similar experiences and are all on a journey to healing, wholeness, and independence.

hOw it Happens.

  • Choice of Christ-centered or secular curriculum available

  • Life skill development and independent living preparation

  • Diverse therapeutic care (Art, Equine, etc.)

  • Privately funded with no costs for participation

  • Peaceful environment for holistic healing

  • Home setting with live-in resident care coaches

  • Trauma and Survivor-Informed care

  • Sex trafficking trauma counseling available

  • Based on national standards